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Legend of Edda Preview: Rich Battle Options for Multi-player PVP

Eya Interactive, the Korea-based game developer of Luna Online, has recently unveiled the details of its latest game, Legend of Edda. Legend of Edda highlights rich battle options for multi-player PVP and a storyline based on European Mythology, allowing RPG fans who are nuts about Legend of Heroes and YS to enjoy the best graphics.

The arrogance of mankind went far beyond. They were trying to build the Babel to reach the gods' realm. The gods, angered by the relentless humans who were striving for new power, decided to befall the scourge. The humans, then, paid the heavy price for their arrogance. They suffered from withered lands,Legend of Edda gold roaming monsters, endless floods, droughts and other disasters. In order to ease the wrath of gods and win their forgiveness, there came the heroes running errands for the gods.

However, the Gods of Olympus were defeated by Zeus, and then eradicated by the Titans who were detained in the depths of the land. The Titans, therefore, ruled the world and the gods' realm. In alliance with the humans, they killed the Gods of Olympus. As a result, the world fell in disorder. The heroes were divided into two sides, one following the Gods of Olympus and the other following the rebellion of Titans, dreaming of conquest.

Legend of Edda will provide the player with graphics as good as in single-player role playing games, entertainment one may enjoy in old 2D role playing games, lovely SD game characters and a real 3D presentation of the loe gold game content.


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