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Fallen Earth Announces Interactive

Fallen Earth: Faction Wars utilizes the MMOs in-game faction system, offering players the opportunity to choose a character based on one of the six vying factionsCHOTA, Enforcers, Lightbearers, Techs, Travelers and Vistas. With nine active conflict towns, players will participate in the fight amongst factions for town ownership.

Much like in the Fallen Earth Gold , players will have the ability collect crafting components by running missions, which can then be used to build items for use in PvP. Players will also gain experience and Faction Points by leveling and completing achievement challenges and milestones, all of which provide an advantage and may influence town control.

Players may engage in an easy, one-click version of player-versus-player combat with other Facebook friends and playerseach win will earn town influence for that players faction while simultaneously taking points from the opponents faction. While based off the live MMO, Fallen Earth Gold: Faction Wars is designed for both seasoned Fallen Earth players and new players alike.

Fallen Earth: Faction Wars integrates several gameplay features that make the Fallen Earth unique, said Christopher Mifsud, lead game designer for Icarus Studios. However, players unfamiliar with the MMO will still find the Facebook application just as engaging as current Fallen Earth Chips players.


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