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Uncharted Waters Online: A Detailed Open Beta Review

This is a game I was waiting awhile to play. It is currently released under Net Marble, but it is developed by Koei. In case you don't know Uncharted Waters was a short series of two games that were made for the Super Nintendo system and for Windows. Uncharted Waters Online is loosely based off its single player seniors, and upholds the core elements of the games in trade, exploration, and adventure. But how well does this all hold up in the online gaming world?

First jumping into the character creation you are presented with a choice, which nationality will I be? You have the choices between Spain, Portugal, Venice, France, The Netherlands, and England. Each option gives you a bit of information about the nation of your choice which may help you determine which nation you want to be a part of.

Though some of you may have wondered why I said "Wait...What gender am I?" That is actually easy to answer because when you go to the actual character creation, the layout of it is a bit different than what you may see in other games. Instead of being clear cut in which you define your gender, Uncharted Waters Online Gold  then use arrows to change the different options like face, hair, coloration, ect. You're instead presented with the templates of all the character choices which include both genders and a wide variety of body types for both. Below that are button options for the character customization such as face, hair, complexion, hair color, and other. The other is like an added feature to your character, does he have facial hair, an eye patch, scars, or whatever. Overall while it is a unique experience for the character creation, I did like the amount of options they have and how your choices are easily placed in front of you. I did have one gripe with it though. While you can see all of the options, the models for the characters there are low quality and quite blurry. So you don't see a lot of definition, but they do help by giving a check box for a close up of the face( UWO Gold), which is where you will see all of your options.


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