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MMORPG TERA Online Demo to be shown

TERA will be shown for the first time at the GDC or as known as Games Developers Conference tomorrow.Tera Goldin the game is useful.


Tera Boss guide

Tera, wish you would like !- Discuss loot rules with your party members. A good rule is to agree on using greed for every resource / waste item. The Tera Gold And use need for the boss drops that you ..


Information about introduce Tera


TERA Unveils The Grand Spectacle - Dargun Temple

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea disclosed recently Uandi (transliterated)s habitat - Dargun (transliterated) Temple in the Vol.19 development news via its official site. In Vol. 19, we can preview t..


Tera stopped Howling Cliff

Tera information is extracted from a page in koreano and translated into English and then translated for me, you may lose data or that some names do not match finish, but you can see the zones and all..


Focus on Diversified Characters Performance

Korea-based game developer Bluehole Studio has always been working hard to bring its MMORPG - TERA original game content. Three Tera Gold directors from the companys in-game character development depa..


Tera Skills Guide for Focused Shot

Tera Gold they wish to charge the skill. The longer the charge skill is that it causes more damage. Once the button is released, the Archer will fire the skill. Quote:Focused Shot II.Cooldown: 8.0s.MP..


2nd Closed Beta New Contents Preview

Tera Gold 2nd CBT Preview, TERAs developer Bluehole Studio and publisher NHN have given a detailed introduction of the game content that players will go through during the upcoming 2nd closed beta sta..


Tera Online, The Exiled Realm Of Arborea

Tera OnlineWell after seeing gameplay videos of tera online and character customization i must say i am very impressed! The game is absolutely stunning and i cant see anything wrong with this game yet..


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