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Tera stopped Howling Cliff

Remind you that this Tera information is extracted from a page in koreano and translated into English and then translated for me, you may lose data or that some names do not match finish, but you can see the zones and all the information you have drawn from it.

Today we start with Howling Cliff:
Before this site was called "Howling Cliff" was a sanctuary where wounded soldiers and refugees were to heal their wounds.Another saying is Tera Gold,which is our site. But one day the village people went crazy cliff and started a revolt. The crowd went crazy, and doctors and aides were murdered before they could escape.
With this incident, the cliff became a barren and uninhabited land over time. With the insane and the creatures prowling the area, the Alliance, named as "Howling Cliff", where travelers to put one foot Tera online Gold without knowing its dangers only listen to one final cry before being killed. Over time, players must learn to explore "Howling Cliff" by order of the alliance to investigate what exactly happened. What secrets hide the cliff?.

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