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Focus on Diversified Characters Performance

This interview is originally from Thisisgame.com.
Korea-based game developer Bluehole Studio has always been working hard to bring its MMORPG - TERA original game content. Three Tera Gold directors from the company's in-game character development department have recently taken an interview and shared certain game information, including Yun-kyeong Kim, director of the concept art team, Seok Gu, director of the creation team and Won-Kyung Choi director of the animation team.
Birth of Concept Arts of In-game Characters
As long as the direction is determined, we begin to develop ideas. Usually, we obtain desired ideas by collecting comprehensive materials from books, pictures,Tera Gold and other resources. And based on such material, the concept arts are brought forth.

Ideas about In-game Characters
In most cases, we consult books in bookstores. Having direct experience in confirming ideas is important, but it is also time-consuming actually. It's really hard to have direct experience in the various matters in the world. In this respect, books help a lot. And the online resources can also help us find out almost all we need.
Characters in Tera online Gold

Tera Gold features unique characters that other games don't have. We don't apply the characters in other games directly, but develop them via imagination. TERA has targeted the global market since the very beginning, so the development of in-game characters is also driven by world-oriented thoughts. With charming boys and girls not taken into consideration at first, the game has always been developed for the sake of diversity.

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