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Tera Online, The Exiled Realm Of Arborea

Tera Online
Well after seeing gameplay videos of tera online and character customization i must say i am very impressed! The game is absolutely stunning and i can't see anything wrong with this game yet, but ofcourse a game always have it's down sides but tera online could be my dream game and many others too. I still have no idea how to put in videos so if you wish to watch gameplay videos just go youtube and search Tera Online and enjoy.

Free to play?
After seeing that this game is hosted by hangame who is also hosting realise it must be free to play since all games on hangame is free to play and ofcourse isn't that worth paying for since it's not even free open world but instead join a dungeon and when you finish it you get rewards and you're back to town, that's the impression i got from watching a video where i see a group of players going to a gate in town then they choose some dungeon and then they just fight and when done they go back to that town again. Anyways enough. Tera Gold Online will possible be f2p with cash shop, most people say free to play games suck and cash shop ruins it, well that depends since most cash shop makes it way too unfair for other players, for example - Clothes give alot of stats like in grand chase or something else. I wouldn't really care since this game is the best 3D Game i ever seen.

The gameplay seems to be like blade & soul and mostly fps but no not first person shooter more like Third Person Slash game where you use your left mouse button to do primary attack and secondary attack on right mouse button and ofcourse you need to aim your slashes basically it uses Unreal 3 Engine which Blade & Soul and does too. For years i have been telling myself that a games trailers are always much better than the actual game and it makes you want to play more cause the trailers look so amazing, and you also wish that all games had that gameplay, well that problem is actually solved and this game has everything a person could dream for in a mmorpg well normal people then lol. My wish in a game is too have Third Person Slash where you need to actually aim and use mouse to attack and not just double click on monster then wait a while and then monster dead. In Tera Gold you will feel the action in combat and much more.

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