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YNK Interactive Announces Dates For “Rohan: Blood Feud”

Orange County, CA (March 6, 2008) — Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive has announced the dates for the closed beta testing of their upcoming massively multi-player online roleplaying game, Rohan: Blood Feud (www.playrohan.com).

Beginning March 17th, players-to-be that have registered on the website will be eligible to participate in the popular MMORPG during their closed beta test, which will take place from March 17th through March 23rd. The deadline for registration is March 14th. YNK Interactive has also announced that there will be events and in-game Game Master visits throughout beta testing. Rohan Gold : Blood Feud will be free to play, with the option of purchasing in-game premium items to broaden the user experience.

“We could not be more thrilled to be nearing the launch of Rohan: Blood Feud,” said Jun Lee, CEO of YNK Interactive. “The game has greatly impressed us all, and we look forward to hearing the players’ reaction when they see it in March. The fan community has already sprouted and is growing quickly, and we are listening.”

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