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Ragnarok Description and Comments

Ragnarok Online is a fantasy MMORPG based on Norse mythology that has very colorful cartoon graphics and several game features that add to the games replay value. A couple of the interesting features ..


Diehard GameFAN: Ragnarok DS Review

RagnarokDS turned out to be a fun little offering. It definitely takes the PC RPG point and click style game play and turns it into point and tap, which is not only refreshing but also has me wonderin..


How This Classic Stands Today

Ragnarok Online (iRO). It was one of the first MMORPGs of its time to serve up 2D and 3D visuals giving itself an old school J-RPG feel to it. has been around since 2002 and many things have changed i..


Ragnarok Online DS Coming Home To South Korea

Ragnarok Online DS is the DS version of the Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game Ragnarok Online. Already released in Japan, the DS version hits Korea this week.RO Zeny. While we symp..


Ragnarok Arch Bishop

Ragnarok third job classes in our server. The Ragnarok third job classes is already in kRO test servers. I wish I could play in one. Rumor says the Ragnarok third class will be implemented on other se..


The castles with defense tips in Ragnarok

Ro can make your defense become strong. Geffen castles are the furtest castles and you can only get there by a warp. Their maze are very easy to broken so do not worry.RO Zeny The high wizards msut sp..


How To Make Money In RO

Ragnarok Online, without it, you want to enjoy yourself in this game is difficult, as a result, when players reaches a certain level, such as up to 2rpm, they should begin to start to develop their ec..


Ragnarok information: Redivide the Skills

Ragnarok WorldPre-requisites: Level 1 EndureActive of Passive?: PassiveSP Use: NoneRO Zeny) for a knight, a knight is not call a knight aready without peco.Pre-requisites: Level 1RidingActive of Passi..


Ragnarok Online: Swordsman Skills Classification

Ragnarok Online:Active or Passive?: ActiveSP Use: 8 SP up until level 5, 15 SP from 6 upLevel 2 : 160% Damage, +10 HITLevel 3 : 190% Damage, +15 HITLevel 4 : 220% Damage, +20 HITLevel 5 : 250% Damage,..


Huge upgrade planned for Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online in the weeks to come, and we will be sure to tell you about it. But lets also take this opportunity to gaze deeper into the glass ball, to see what awaits us in the future later this ..


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