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How To Make Money In RO

Ragnarok is a thing which make you successful in Ragnarok Online, without it, you want to enjoy yourself in this game is difficult, as a result, when players reaches a certain level, such as up to 2rpm, they should begin to start to develop their economy. Some players may think that the higher level, the more ro zeny we can get, however, do you have a think that you do not have coins to buy water, how can you make your level higher? So, make your economy better is the basic thing you should do. After my cursory examination, I have found a few roads to make iro zeny.

First of all, you should prepare some traders and some lost treassure of sugar. Beat treasure needs, now we can begin our money-making plan.

A friut shop plan, it is a melee, fighters, thieves, merchants who just up to 1rpm, there is no high level help, they may play by themselves. I suggest that they can choose the left under the map to beat, because Desert young wolf and Vultures are easy to lose their Oranges, we can collect these oranges for bussiness. The second place to beat oranges is lower side of Polly island, the more orangers we collect, the more RO Zeny we make, low-cost get high efficiency. Where there are bird eggs, play a D shield can also be a small amount of cions... As long as 30, it would be sufficient.

There is another place where have many people there, it is the area below Wolf. The main task is beat monsters, regardless of wolf, green snake or magic mushroom, we all can get strawberries from them, I have had a try, just one day can I beat few hundreds. it is easier than fight honey, honey gum, it need less time.


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