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Ragnarok information: Redivide the Skills

Riding in Ragnarok  World
Pre-requisites: Level 1 Endure
Active of Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1: Allows you to ride a PecoPeco

Comments: Having a PecoPeco nice for getting you somewhere fast, but unless you also increase Cavalier mastery, it actually makes you weaker. Rent a PecoPeco are from a NPC right outside of the Culvert Registration building, where you became a Knight. A compusary skill(RO Zeny) for a knight, a knight is not call a knight aready without peco.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, this does not let you do 100% damage to mediums with 2 handed swords. That only works for spears, another reason to leave the birds to the lancers. But you had better get one for moving fast.

Cavalier Mastery
Pre-requisites: Level 1Riding
Active of Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1: 60% Attack Speed
Level 2: 70% Attack Speed
Level 3: 80% Attack Speed
Level 4: 90% Attack Speed
Level 5: 100% Attack Speed

Comments: Second compusary, therefore your attack will restore to normal. That is all, thanks for your attention!

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