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Diehard GameFAN: Ragnarok DS Review

Ragnarok DS turned out to be a fun little offering. It definitely takes the PC RPG "point and click" style game play and turns it into "point and tap," which is not only refreshing but also has me wondering why this hasn't happened very often, if at all, with other DS RPG's.

Neglected tasks: 

1. Recruits tasks: level 40 and above can go to the Ministry of War to be assistant minister there, participate in Tianfu task with new recruits, 40 the following can be a recruit, what if 2 people team up to what Pioneer (Pioneer seems to be reviewed) Where assessment, a will encounter the monster on the road. Please refer 17173 Westward specific processes Water Margin sites.

2. Manufacturing master the task (not a casting master oh) to be Tianfu, stars village, Jing Yang Gang, a small home and other places in the forest to find the blacksmith (name forgotten) to receive casting master task 10 times for each round, each requires You do what you will do the equipment or drugs, according to the level to do to give you experience in the job for a later, likely will be primary, secondary horse equipment (I did not have before), there are likely to be more than 80 recipes (I won 85 and 85 bell rings recipe formulation), the specific process please refer 17173 Westward Water Margin sites.

80-100: Target: with money, 500W, to pay child 30W, in the riding (medium horse) a, 85 of the Law of the baby, the baby of a force, 95 sets (rich players must) set, the legendary equipment (task part points to reach 1000 mark will be a legend after the stone is bound, the equipment can be synthesized and exquisite legend, synthetic additives must use the time Oh, 100% successful) one.

Upgrade: Upgrade this time more than a XD (highwaymen), the field team to the brush, double effective, with the ragnarok zeny wanted effect (Greenwood, Chamber of Commerce, the task was) also an additional money, in short, it is this period Fuji upgrade choice. Remember to bring groups for the baby Oh, or you own the Circle, or else no one will take you brush! In addition, the mirror also plays a role in the demon, but unfortunately 1 week only brush the amount of pity. 85 level, I would suggest for a baby, 85-level power baby, baby law, force for Fox Beauty (blood type of attack-resistant materials), because relatively high life expectancy, durability it! ~ Law of the baby lotus are the only choice the door, the heart more than 2.10 as long as I can think a lot of people to pursue full of or above 2.16, but very expensive, because it is rare, if you have the ability to hit on a group of law, no ability to the to wait until the 115 ro zeny evolved into the Lotus saints, then I do not believe you even a group of law can not afford ....., if the card has enough money to put all sold before the baby, anyway you do not need to the. Fearless continue to brush, brush candy, brush the future, do not find it troublesome and not brush, as experience is gained by it, you do not accumulate points that do not accumulate points, you can not level never rose, this is the truth.


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