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Ragnarok Arch Bishop

We are finally getting close to the official release of Ragnarok third job classes in our server. The Ragnarok third job classes is already in kRO test servers. I wish I could play in one. Rumor says the Ragnarok third class will be implemented on other servers in late 2009. You and I could finally enjoy playing these characters. First among the new third job classes, I want to present to you the official Ragnarok Arch bishop sprite and skills.

Ragnarok Arch bishop Skills

Indeed, the RO Zeny Arch bishop skills are proven to be awesome but the sp costs is too much.

Judex - Does this Ragnarok Arch bishop skill works like the Turn undead? If it does, well, this skill is certainly great for leveling most especially for Exorcist Arch bishops

Max Lvl: 5
Prerequisites: Turn Undead 1
Type: Holy Attribute Magic
Description: A magic attack that deals holy attribute damage to a target and all targets in the surounding 3 cells.
Level 1 - 300% Magic Attack Power - 30 SP
Level 2 - 320% Magic Attack Power - 33 SP
Level 3 - 340% Magic Attack Power - 36 SP
Level 4 - 360% Magic Attack Power - 39 SP
Level 5 - 400% Magic Attack Power - 42 SP

Ancilla - Yeah, you could save some zeny in buying sp pots, but is it worth it? I don’t Ancilla is worth it because 15% restoration of max sp isn’t a bit of help. I’d rather buy pills from the hypermart which restores 100% of our sp.

Max Lvl: 1
Prerequisites: Clementia 3
Type: Ancilla Creation
SP Cost: 30% of Max SP
Description: Allows creation of the magic stone known as Ancilla. (Consumes 1 Blue Gemstone) (Ancilla item recovers 15% of Max SP, Maximum of 3 can be held at a time.)

Adoramus - A RO Zeny Arch bishop skill that causes blind and agility down and causes damage to enemy? Good! But if isn’t for the blue gemstone consumptio, it would have been great.

Max Lvl: 10 Prerequisites: Ancilla 1, Judex 1, Magnus Exorcismus 1
Type: Holy
Attribute Magic
Description: Strikes a single target for damage with a powerful holy light that also causes blind and agility down effect. (Consumes 1 Blue Gemstone)

Level 1 - 300% Attack Power - 20 SP
Level 2 - 400% Attack Power - 24 SP


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