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The castles with defense tips in Ragnarok

Ro can make your defense become strong. Geffen castles are the furtest castles and you can only get there by a warp. Their maze are very easy to broken so do not worry.

Geffen 12:

This castle is the same as all the other geffen castles, they all have a gate which lead to a maze directly and after you broke through it, you will reach the core. Simple after this just find the emperium room.

Defend tips: Put your high wizards at the entrance with a clown and gyspy as well as scholars. Do put some metee fighters too, champions and priest are compusary while the other stay in the emperium room.RO Zeny The high wizards msut spawn the entrance or else the enermy will get through.

Geffen 9:

This castle has many gates, hard to break through but all lead to the same route to the core. This is also the hardest to defend so all the members are advise to stay inside the emperium room unless you have alliance to help.

Defend tips: As mention earlier,RO Zeny this castle is definaly hard to defend but stay at the emperium room at all times. Put all metee fighters and as many people as possible.

Geffen 2:

Same as other geffen castles.

Defend tips: Same as above, but this time spawn only at the entrance while the rest at the emperium room.

Geffen 7:

The maze is also very easy to broke through, once you reach the core, just find the emperium room.

Defend tips: To defend this castle is very very easy, RO Zeny just spawn the gate and some at the entrance.

Geffen 5:

The maze is also very easy to broke through, insisdde the core has two ways to the emperium room and ether way will lead you to there.

Defend tips:

The gate of this castle is very small, Ragnarok Zeny so your little spawning can mean big spawning, same as the above, just follow the intructions above.


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