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KongZhong to Publish World of Tanks in China

Wargaming.net, the award-winning videogame developer behind Massive Assault series and Order of War, and KongZhong Corporation ("KONG"), the owner of the studio who has developed Loong Online, announced today their partnership and signing of a publishing agreement for World of Tanks, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action game focused on armored warfare that has already won critical acclaim and players' love after being released in Russia and has recently entered its closed beta test phase in Europe and North America.

KongZhong will have exclusive rights to publish and operate the game in mainland China.

The solid alliance stands as an excellent opportunity for both companies to cooperate in mutually beneficial ways. Wargaming.net will broaden their global reach and accumulate resources to support and further develop World of Tanks, while KONG will expand its portfolio with a new quality title from one of the idustry's best videogame development studios and thus reinforce its strong positions in the Chinese online videogame market.

"Our decision to join forces with KongZhong stemmed from their rich experience in operating online games, (Loong Gold)established reputation and marketing expertise," said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming.net. "Entering a new market is a very important and thrilling moment for us that's why we highly appreciate all the support our new reliable partners provide us with. We have been really impressed by their dedicated and competent team and feel optimistic about World of Tanks prospects in China."


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