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Siren's last online news before Easter

With the longest-ever Easter Bank Holiday almost upon us, record number of Brits are jetting off to take advantage of the extended break. Those that are staying put look set to enjoy some amazing weather, aromas of BBQs, popping of corks and, of course, the opportunity to scoff lots of lovely easter eggs. Have a great holiday, whatever you’re up to!

Forget playing tag, climbing trees and simultaneously pressing play and record on an old tape recorder to illicitly record Sunday’s ‘Top 40’, a staggering number of nine to 12 year old internet users in the UK have a profile on a social networking site, according to a new survey. The European Commission poll found that 43% of youngsters in the age group had such a profile with the figure rising to 88% for those aged between 13 and 16. (For those that got the joke about the Top 40 – can you believe ‘Now That’s What I Call Music….78’ was released earlier this week!!)

The world’s most anticipated nuptials are going social! A Royal Wedding video book has been launched for well wishers to leave messages of support for Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton. The prince and his bride-to-be will view the personal congratulations for their big day (Last Online Gold)which will provide a unique memento for the couple. Fans will also be able to send their well wishes on Twitter using the hashtag #rw201. If you feel so inclined, you can Send your wishes here

Apple has announced that its profits have nearly doubled as sales of the iPhone soar. The last year has seen a huge rise in sales of the iPhone, but iPad sales have disappointed. Net income for the three months to March jumped 85% on the same period a year ago with iPhone sales of 18.65m – a rise of 113%. and in other Apple news, privacy fears have been raised as researchers reveal that a file on the iPhone stores locations and coordinates of the owners movements. For more information see here

And finally, using Twitter to complain may be the way forward….a recent story in the Telegraph entitled ‘I tweeted @RoyalMail and within six minutes my missing parcel turned up’ shows that savvy consumers are increasingly using the microblogging site to vent about poor customer service, and getting results too.

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