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Last Online Shining Combat Trailer

Eden Entertainment Inc. released a new trailer of Last Online which has a lot of Devil May Cry elements. The combo attacks with excellent strike rhythm and fantastic combat effect will definitely provide you the exciement of fight. Last year, when Eden officially announced its plan to develop a MMORPG, it made the commitment of adding familiar battle modes (PvP, PvE, GvG) to the game. The company will give more details in Gamescom 09.


Korean developer Eden Entertainment currently revealled an developing Action MMORPG, LAST Online.

We just got 7 screenshots for this cool game, but Last Online Gold is enough. We are very excited about that LAST Online scarcely comparable to console games! Character in LAST Online waves reaphook like Azrael. Yeah, render blow for blow to daimons by their way must be an cool experience!

Be part of one race in the world of LAST Online, which omprises huge world outlook, mutiple classes and all sorts of quests. The story line bases on the psychic revolution which is similar with Industrial Revolution in Europe. The heroes fight against with daimons.The 100:100 mode will be full glory. The developer said they won't reduce any contents to prevent players obtaining pleasure.

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