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Loong Online Announced CBT

The Chinese national online game in Loong Online, which has been popular in china since its first unveiled, will see its final CBT. Let's take in the charm of this pure Chinese style online game!

A. Gorgeous Photo Quality Graphics
Currently, players tend to judge a game's quality firsty by its graphic performance. 'Loong' is a fabulous 3D MMO, whose graphic almost reached an immersive effect, players could see the picturesque scenery with green hills anf limpid water, even the shadow and some fishes is are clear to see.

As for the character and architectural modeling, Loong conbines Chinese classical style with Loong Gold, which could meets the aesthetics of contemporary people.

Loong Online

B. Chinese Ancient Myths Storyline
Chinese mythology's position in the world is obvious to all, and 'Loong' is such a game based on Chinese ancient mythology, It brings Nv Wa, Gong Gong, Fu Xi, Zhu Rong, Xuan Yuan, Chi You and other mythological figures into the game, thus players could also experience these stories by themselves with enjoying gameplay.

C. Chinese Classic Music
The background music of 'Loong' is made by famous Chinese music production team - XiaoXu Game Music Studio. It includes different styles of music, such as Chinese classical orchestral music, strong modern heavy-rock music for different Loong Online Gold. Regardless of what your taste is, you could always find the right one for you.

D. Free Growth Martial Arts
Why most players choose 'Loong' among all the Chinese martial arts online games ? One of the most important reasons is that 'Loong' breaks the limits imposed on guilds and skills. Players could freely choose their favorite skills, they could develop both the internal and external skills, or they could just choose one to develop.

The Sordsman couldn't be a doctor? The the internal and external skills couldn't be learnt at the same time? Of course you could do these in Loong Online, and experience a totally free world, played a variety of roles by one character.

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