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Loong Online Global Strategy Initiate

Well known for their low profile, the folks of Dacheng Network in China Shanghai are extremely active recently, only for their new main title, Loong Online's launch in global market.

"Dragon" (Loong) is the totem symbol of Chinese culture, while martial arts undoubtedly is an important spiritual part of Chinese culture. Loong Online is such a game characteristic for its Dragon totem, and its cultural background of martial arts.
Very different from Korea games, the game takes place in a world of Humans, Gods, and Devils coexistence. Post-modern retro is basic theme of the graphic, with strong Chinese characteristics. The majestic ancient Chinese buildings, the fantastic scenarios could be comparable with real pictures, or Console game effects, which would give players a feeling that they came to the world of Chinese mythology.

In the system design, the cool, dazzling fighting style, Diablo-style equips and skills totally meet gamers' needs. For the traditional battle, there are abundant buffs provided, players could enjoy the effects just like console games. The Diablo-style skill tree is adopted, (Loong Gold)players could develop characters freely, and try all the professions. For equips, their categories and attributes are much more abundant, thus players could enjoy themselves.
City War and Guild system has been appeared in some other online games, while Loong Online is different, its war happened in real city map, instead of just so called, players don't need to load another scenario. The comprehensive Guild system, the great City War will bring players to the exciting massive war.

War has never stopped in human history, China is called the most aggressive country by western scholars. Loong Online is even more perfect in this regard. Its Guild system, interaction, and management strengthen the fighting for cities and towns, representing the massive and real war scenarios.

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