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Loong Online Global Strategy Initiate

Loong Onlines launch in global market.Very different from Korea games, the game takes place in a world of Humans, Gods, and Devils coexistence. Post-modern retro is basic theme of the graphic, with st..


KongZhong to Publish World of Tanks in China

Loong Online, announced today their partnership and signing of a publishing agreement for World of Tanks, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action game focused on armored warfare that has al..


Hope you have a good time in Loong Online

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Closed Beta Testing Starts for Gamigo's Loong

Loong, the most successful new MMORPG released this year in China. Loong, the role-playing blockbuster, is now available for select players in North America and Europe.Loong Gold has taken millions of..


Loong - The Power of The Dragon is Now Live!

After three months of intensive testing, gamigo is proud to announce that its MMORPG Loong - The Power of the Dragon has moved out of beta testing and is now available to everyone. Fans of Asian marti..


Loong Online Announced CBT

Loong Online, which has been popular in china since its first unveiled, will see its final CBT. Lets take in the charm of this pure Chinese style online game!Currently, players tend to judge a games q..


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