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Closed Beta Testing Starts for Gamigo's Loong

Today gamigo will be starting closed beta testing for Loong, the most successful new MMORPG released this year in China. Loong, the role-playing blockbuster, is now available for select players in North America and Europe.


Thanks to its incredibly detailed graphics and innovative character development, Loong Gold has taken millions of Chinese players by storm. Ten skill trees allow players to develop their character freely - there are no limits based on character class in Loong Gold! The qing gong feature allows players to jump incredibly high and run along walls. Epic battles with hundreds of players and up to 50 different types of pets that can be raised to become mounts are just a few of the game's key features. Players can sign up to participate in closed beta testing on the game's official website.



Features at a glance:

- Highly-detailed 3D graphics
- No restrictions on character class: every player can learn every skill
- More than 50 different pets
- Qing gong allows players to leap incredibly high and run through the air
- PvP battles and guild warfare
- Player matchmaking for PvP combat.

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