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Final Fantasy XI expansions on the way

Final Fantasy XI has withstood the test of time; people still play it after 7 years, even with tons of other MMOs dying to World of Warcraft! The first of 3 new expansions, A Crystalline Prophecy Ode..


Never really changed to support playstyle

Final Fantasy XI you can read the details below.Hope helpful !FFXI Gil can be used to buy weapons, armor, food, potions, and countless regents.Final Fantasy XI Gil is a very userful thing.I used them ..


Update Detail of Final Fantasy XI:Wings of the Goddess

Final Fantasy XIs new expansion disc, namely Wings of the Goddess.A: Yes we will absolutely do it in the coming updates.A: Not only Red Mage, we will add more magics when the expansion disc acturally ..


About Master Invincible in FFXI

FFXI.FFXI Gil, fighting to the strange group, lead well, a 20 will do.Final Fantasy XI Gil, and the shaman is still singing it slowly.


The core skills and equipment of FFXI

FFXI.FFXI Gil,the material Guia, the high cost of people not like. Something broken heart broken.FFXI Gil, first to prepare the materials and equipment to do low-level. (Do casually)


FFXI Introducing Level Syncing

Soloing experience points would take too long to earn a few hundred FFXI Gil or thousand experience points; needles to say its very risky because if you died, youre right back at square one because of..


FFXI Summoner

FFXI Gil than a Beastmaster, but it can be done with the proper mob choice. There is the advantage and disadvantage to play a summoner. The advantage is that by it you dont have to buy a bunch of spel..


How do Real Money Traders Get So Much in FFXI?

FFXI Gil in their entire lifetime of the game. On the other hand, they see real money trades who can start a new character and generate over a million dollars in less than a few hours. How do they do ..


FFXI Red Mage Guide

FFXI Gil Shock Spikes and similar spells. These are at a later level for a red Mage because they are significantly better for a red Mage, why does a white Mage really need Blink, their goal is to neve..


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