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FFXI Summoner

In the Final Fantasy XI, summoner is a unique blend of Mage and pet class that offers a nice change of pace between solo and party play. In a party, the summoner will be called on to be main healer. You will have one of the largest MP pools of any classes and the ability to get regenerate it back over time. Why? Your massive MP pool is your avatars drain your MP while you have them out so it is a must for the job. 

On the high levels, you have the ability to find parties one is that you can opt to solo if things get stale. You should pay more attention FFXI Gil than a Beastmaster, but it can be done with the proper mob choice. There is the advantage and disadvantage to play a summoner. The advantage is that by it you don't have to buy a bunch of spells but the disadvantage is that you have to defeat the avatars before you can summon them. How do you summon them? One way is that you should hook up with high level party and take them down in fights called "Primes". Another way is that you can go one on one with them in a level 20 capped fights called "mini fights" which sounds like the easy route but they are very tough.
According to the Mage position, the weapons and armor FFXI Gil of the summoner are typical of the working. You will make use of clubs and staves which depend on this situation. You have a low level Dagger skill but that has little use for your class. But for armor, you have the choice between Tunics, Robes and Doublets for protection and stats. Though you class has a high MP pool, you'll want MP gear as your avatars are so dependent on it. The Carbuncle Mitts is one piece of equipment you will want to get which allows you to keep you to add a little extra damage while you're there. It is restrictive to choose your weapons and FFXI Gil armor, but the choice of avatars make up for it.
The summon takes on the standard mage sub job. White Mage is your first choice, you will be considered as main or backup healer. The sub gives you the best healing spells which allow you to teleport, good buffs and utility spells like Invisible/Sneak. Black Mage is a lesser used sub job but has some nice features like Warp/Escape, Conserve MP trait and another nice MP bump. Scholar has become a popular sub job which allows you to cast faster and with les MP cost on your standard healing spells. That is to say, the summoner is FFXI Gil a decent sub job as it gives the biggest MP boost to other Mage jobs as well as offers some party buffs.
Even though the summoner class is light on the job abilities, it has some good job traits. It is one of the reasons why the summoner has such an impressive MP pool. Clear Mind increases your MP recovery while resting and you get all five tiers of it just like the Black Mage. It is one of those things you don't always appreciate until you're playing a job that doesn't have it as high. The best trait of the summoner is known for Auto Refresh. Having the ingrained ability to regain MP is nice to have and it cuts down on the MP cost of having your avatars in play.
In a nutshell, the summoner job is a fun class to play as well as flashy. If you're looking to be a healer but with some different options for solo and FFXI Gil small party play, summoner is what you are looking for.


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