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Update Detail of Final Fantasy XI:Wings of the Goddess

Square Enix has officially announced the English name of Final Fantasy XI‘s new expansion disc, namely Wings of the Goddess. 

The director of Final Fantasy XI, Hiromichi Tanaka, also answered some of the players` question about the future updates in the Sauare-Enix Party:

Q: Beastmaster seems to be all alone, have you thought of making it more suitable in a party?
A: Yes we will absolutely do it in the coming updates.

Q: Will Red Mage have more magics?
A: Not only Red Mage, we will add more magics when the expansion disc acturally comes out.

Q: Promathia missions seem to be too hard, would you please reduce the difficulty? (The crowd applauded.)
A: This will be done in the June update. (Players applauded loudly.) Debuff items will be exchangable, and helpers will get experience points.

Q: So far the Salvage and Nyzul Isle Investigation are too hard, are you planning you adjust that?
A: We?ll adjust the drop rate, and the Token that is not usable currently will be able to be changed into some temporary items. Also, while arriving the 100th floor, you will be able to rechallenge the boss if you lose.

Q:Can we rechoose the earring reward from Divine Might?
A: This will be considered at the June update.

Q: Whereas female characters have wedding dress, male characters have nothing like that. We need a tuxedo!!!!
A: If that`s everyone`s expectation......

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1: Time Mage and Geomancer will be avivlable.

2: New Monster: Vampire will be added.

3: The new expansion will be on sale before Christmas.

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