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About Master Invincible in FFXI

Here is the guide about information of master in FFXI.

Large training ground in PK a good death is invincible killing? That country's rebel red not more invincible ... whether in a large practice field or in the field, killing all Shuashua Shua.

I just played the shaman or singing on behalf of those players that the Master is really not what we have seen, that is really only superficial.

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1. Maybe S9 BT weapons for shamans, but it was S9 of the problem, not the shaman, because S9 also to attack other professional BT, is not only a shaman.

2. Shaman leveling super tired, and fireball to keep the press, and although actually singing a second one to 2.5 seconds to pop out, and the total level of injury is not as flat with a knife cutting equipment Prodigal Son 2 / 3 because the prodigal son will crit. group of strange and few people like to group the shaman, the first will pull injury, the second, also to the five groups, people pick up the FFXI Gil, fighting to the strange group, lead well, a 20 will do.

3.PK.PK field one on one is well controlled in addition to red prodigal son other than professional, but how can like, not because the BT wizard on the strong sense of the shaman. Playing field shamans have the chance .. a meteorite. murder is too slow, other professional skills are Shua Shuashua out on a kill with Final Fantasy XI Gil, and the shaman is still singing it slowly.

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