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The core skills and equipment of FFXI

Today we will tell you something about the core skill and equipment of FFXI.

Because a lot of equipment, not by breaking out, because the low rate of violence ah. Not worth mentioning. 

Equipment by how out of?Collection of material to do it.

As for the equipment to do a lot of friends broken several times, on the horrifying, and in not doing.

In particular, do high-level equipment, FFXI Gil,the material Guia, the high cost of people not like. Something broken heart broken.

In fact, as long as you pay attention, I will teach you little tricks.

After the material ready to No. Do not immediately find someone to do.

First of all ensure that the machine next to no one, someone to do something to take your machine when no one on the other.

First urged the core or the equipment to help you do the master, took Final Fantasy XI Gil to offline, then online to do anything not to do, do directly. Probability of success higher. I did a few things like this, almost had not broken one.

Another approach is to pad things first.

Because there is a probability, the probability of success doing something that is basically 50% -60% (jewelry, except cans).

So you have to prepare a little something. For example, you need to do to bring high-level weapons,FFXI Gil, first to prepare the materials and equipment to do low-level. (Do casually)

To the edge of the machine, no one is the key. And start doing low-level equipment. After a row broke three times to do what you need to start high-level weapons. Can not say 100% successful, but definitely a success probability is great. broken Do not blame me. blame yourself back in the final analysis or probability.

To understand probability theory, should know what I mean. More than just a personal point of view, what do you want to help. Thank you

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