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FFXI Red Mage Guide

The red Mage is a character class that delves in the art of Black and White magic. This may seem an unbalanced class, especially once you consider that he can fight with weapons much better specially Mages, yet he isn't, this is because he gets most of his spells at a higher level than Specialty Mages and some spells he never gets. In the game, every spell is casted by Specialty and red Mages that a red Mages can cast first is the Dia spells. This may seem to nullify the power of the red Mage for he gets most enfeebling spells at only a slightly higher level than White or BlackMage. Most he gets only 2-3 levels after a Specialty Mage and he gets near all enfeebling spells.

Their other strong point is Enhancing. Most Enhancing spells red Mage get at nearly the same level as their Specialty counterparts. But there is an exception, single target Enhancing skills that do so much better for a red Mage. They are Blink, Blaze, Ice and FFXI Gil Shock Spikes and similar spells. These are at a later level for a red Mage because they are significantly better for a red Mage, why does a white Mage really need Blink, their goal is to never attract hate anyway, and however a red Mage occasionally tries to draw hate. Overall, a red Mage excels at Enhancing and Enfeebling.

It is popular belief that red Mages are near worthless in the beta and in those following the game slightly in locales where this game has not been released yet. But this way soon not the case near the end of the beta for people realized that red Mages were a valuable member to a party. The misconception feeds on ignorance so if you start out the game, you may have trouble in finding a party, people looking for a healer and shunning you because red Mages such at healing. FFXI Gil This is a common misconception. Many new players believe that red Mages master nothing, but they are the masters of enhancing and enfeebling. You don't let this discourage you from being a red Mage because soon enough after release people will realize that they have misjudged red Mages.
Now it is the time to look into equipment for a red Mage, more specifically a weapon. Most red Mages will choose a sword, yet it's not as easy a decision as one may think it an easy choice. Here we will present pros and cons of the three good weapon choices for a red Mage.
The first weapon is one-handed sword.FFXI Gil  It is best damage for a red Mage weapon, moderately fast attack but it lacks swords with bonuses to casting stats.
The second weapon is Club. Its pros are nice bonuses to help casting while its cons are rather bad damages.
The third weapon is Dagger. Its pros are fast attack speed; makes the best of En- spells and its cons are weak damage.

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