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Darkfall Online : Spotlight on Expansion skills

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Here we will introduce you something about Skills necessary for Darkfall , and I got the source from other websites, if you are a new player to this game , please read the following description. By the way, if you want to buy cheap Darkfall Gold , please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime.

We have previously mentioned that with the upcoming Darkfall expansion: Conquer the Seas, the skill system for melee and archery will be getting some love in the form of Skill (Darkfall Gold)Extensions and Specialties.

We managed to wrest some muchly coveted details from our humble devs this week and thought we would share them with you before they greedily snatch them back!

The skill extensions will focus mostly (but not exclusively) on melee and ranged combat. Some examples are Rage, a high mana cost skill that will temporarily buff your resistances to magic while at the same time giving you some healing. Disabling Shot and Disabling Blow will interrupt an enemy and disable their blocking skill for a given time.

Ontop of these combat skills there will also be many new specialties added which you can use to focus and hone which battle style suits you best. Among the many various paths and advantages offered there will be two skills(Darkfall Gold) that give you a double jump or the opportunity to dodge attacks with a double tap in a certain direction.

Another skill extension currently in testing is called Spotter. Spotter would enable you to identify other players from great distances.

The new racial skills will also come in with Darkfall's Conquer the Seas Expansion. These will be the first tier in racial identity and will introduce certain passive abilities that each race will have to their unique advantage. Alfar, for example, have a greater affinity for magic while Mahirim have always been swift of foot (or rather, paw). Mirdain rely on their keen sight and Orks are tough and able to withstand more damage than most.

Bear in mind that the skills mentioned here are far from a complete list but rather some examples to shed a little light on things to come.

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