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The importance and the types of quest objectives

During the process of exploring the darkfall world, players usually do a lot of quests, and do some of them over and over again. They do feel boring sometimes, at the same time they kind of enjoy it, for they know what completing quests means for them. Quest well done is critical to the success of the game. Quests are essential for supplying the lore and backstory to the game, and making the world come alive.

Quests in darkfall are the mixture of killing, looting and harvesting. Some of them are quite easy, just to kill easy mobs, but killing a strong mob takes a lot of energy. Sometimes in order to enter your quarry, you have to pass through much stronger mobs, and sometimes you are required to pickpocket the NPC rather than kill him, which is referred to as harder thing to do, and almost impossible. There is a type of quests called escort quests-you take several people from or to a place during the process you will go through many Darkfall Gold. Defense quests is another type: where waves of enemies come at you in quick succession, and if you are not skilled enough you will not be frightened or even be killed.

here are many quests where you alter your appearance and infiltrate the enemy compounds. There are some quests in darkfall online, named timed quests, such as congealed blood gathering. There are some quests as a huge chain, where you will cross the world completely. There is an example for quests with a huge chain, called as howling Vale quest, which starts in Ashenvale, takes you to arnassus, Barrens, Stranglethorn, and comes to a sad end in a cave in Darkshire, and then back to Darnassus. You will devote may hours to little chian alone, even longer when you are on PvP server. This is just one of several thousand quest chains in darkfall online game.

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