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The combat in Darfall Online is following the rules. Press R to unsheathe your weapon, now you will be in the third person view. Hit your target by left-clicking. It deserves your attention that you do not auto-target or lock target. In order to hit your enemy, you have to actually be facing towards him or het and be aiming at your enemy. During the process of hitting, you should watch closely your stamina bar because your stamina is your lifehood of you and make sure you always have enough to sprint away if you are in too much trouble. 
Given you defeated your enemy, it is your time to loot. After a few moments, a tombstone will appear instead of its body. Press R to sheathe your weapon, and then target the tombstone and use it by pressing F. Drag its contents to your Darkfall Gold backpack.
With those done, you must feel tired. Since your stamina is driven quickly, only less Darkfall Gold left which is not enough for your next battle, you need to take a rest to recover. Walk out of the way of the spawn to avoid surprises, then press R to sheathe your weapon if you were in combat mode. Since the prets skill has been dragged to this slot, press 0 to load rest. Left click to start resting. At the moment, you will see your character sitting down. Press space to jump up when you see your life and stamina bars are full.
The above is one around of combat in darkfall online. After you have enough Darkfall Gold stamina, you are able to take another challenge

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