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Darkfall - First Impressions

Darkfall - First Impressions
Yes yes, Darkfall! A game that usually casts a balanced shadow of hope and skepticism is steadily releasing more and more information to the public. Today Tasos (Darkfall Developer) made a public post on the Official Darkfall forums containing information and reactions from the first wave of beta testers. The post was generally made of beta tester comments. The information was broken into seven sections:

Overall Impressions
The World - Graphics - Technology
Controls - Gameplay
PvP - Looting
Final Thoughts
This is a slightly condensed version of his post broken into the seven sections above.

*note: Images included in this article are not new and were not contained in the original post by Tasos
**note: A Summary of each section and a link to the original post can be found at the end of this article

*cityscape image*

"Before the next wave of testers we thought it would be a good idea to post a representative sample of quotes from the current testers taken from an unsolicited first impressions thread in the beta forums. In doing so we cooperated with the testers in order to get a good balance of the good and the bad. I posted this update in the beta forums last night, and asked for help in order to make it a fair assessment of the experience so far. Everyone had the opportunity to pitch in and they seem to agree that the resulting preview accurately represents the sentiment of the testers. Darkfall Gold in the game is useful for players,so you should buy some.

Having said that, I have to mention that our tester sample so far is diverse. The testers range from our biggest fans to our biggest critics, and from near “carebears” to the most hardcore players out there.

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