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Some advice for darkfall players

Here tell some general advice for darkfall players.Do not buy basic harvesting equipment like pick axe and axe, since you can acquire these from starter quests.

Exploring the darkfall world is like fighting in battle. Speedy is your efficient, sometimes it can determine the success and failure of your darkfall game. Prepare well in advance to save time, for example, drag your weapons onto your hotbar to enable quick changing rather than go through the paper doll.

If you have been skilled by an NPC, hit spacebar for the self-gank. You will not resurrect right now, but you have to buy some Darkfall Gold. This is still shorter than waiting the entire incap time.
You save a huge time when rest in this game. The rest skill is not initially bound to a hotkey. To begin resting, grab the rest skill from your skills menu and drag it to your hotbar.

Keep it in mind that bank everything, bank often. Do not take anything out of bank if you are not well prepared to lose.

To create a party with someone nearby, press G to target him. After doing this, you have trade or group option for this person.

In Journal you have a worldmap with Zoom function. Stamina plays a vital role in Darkfall Online Gold. You will die if your stamina runs to zero. Keep close watch on your stamina bar. Store enough food with you. Food can conserve stamina, and eating food can improve your regeneration. Press “C” to dive underwater. Stop swimming, and you will auto float to the top.

Those general advice is very useful. Those advice helps you to fighting efficiently.

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