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Conquer the Seas in Darkfall's Major Expansion

Darkfall's new expansion - Conquer the Seas is coming soon. According to its interview with MMORPG.com, Conquer the Seas adds a completely new gameplay layer to Darkfall, including new sea objectives, sea villages players can control and fight over as well as many changes to ships and swimming.

Conquer the Seas is Darkfall's second major free expansion, the largest one ever. In this expansion the seas come alive with epic objectives, floating villages with player owned housing, the siege mechanics completely overhauled, characters with more specialization, racial differentiation, monsters completely reworked, player owned vendors together with hundreds of new features introduced, and thousands of improvements, and fixes implemented. This expansion represents a massive undertaking by the Darkfall Gold developers and months of player feedback leading to the best Darkfall ever, and this is just the beginning.

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These are the epic new sea objectives we've introduced in this expansion and we'll continue building on Darkfall Online gold.

Two Huge fortresses located in the North and the South Seas
You need to use ships to conquer them.
You must be a member of a clan
You have to get the last shot in for a successful take-over.
Sea fortresses offer great opportunities for epic loot.
When a fortress is conquered, it belongs to the conquering clan for three days.
All over Agon, Clan Stations will display your clan's name for the ultimate bragging rights.
Clan Stations can be used to apply to the clan displayed on them (in accordance with the clan's policy for accepting new members).
The countdown timer for when the fortresses become vulnerable is displayed on the world map for everyone to see.
It's impossible to climb on the fortress, intruders are repelled.
Sea Fortress cannons are the most powerful weapons currently in the game.
Also see the spotlight article on Sea Fortresses
Sea Fortresses are an important part of Darkfall's Dynamic Lore System.

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