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Darkfall is steeped in myth and legend

Do you like waiving your fist angrily at MMORPG clichés that should have been weeded out of the genre years ago? How about people that mistaken time sinks for challenge? Yeah, we hate that crap too. It would seem that Adventurine feels the same way, and they’re been hard at work over the last few years trying to do something about it as they develop a MMORPG of their own called Darkfall for the PC, which will attempt to address all of those little nuances that annoy the hell out of more than a few MMORPG players.

Taking place in the world of Agon, Darkfall is steeped in myth and legend. Peppered throughout the continents and islands of the game are all sorts of ruins hinting at the ancient past of the game’s world. There is a lot of lore waiting to be discovered as players make their way through the game. There’s also quite a bit to look at, as Darkfall’s developers have gone through a lot of effort to create hand-made realms that players can appreciate, as opposed to some of the games out there where the environment seems to have been slapped together with Darkfall Gold. A nice touch that will be included is a weather system that actually impacts the game world. If a strong storm hits a region, players will have a heck of a time traversing it. Rain and snow will be a lot more than just eye candy in this game.

What will likely get a lot of people excited right out of the gates is that character advancement won’t be achieved through conventional leveling. So, no more acquiring a ton of experience points, and patiently waiting until you’ve earned an arbitrary amount of them before you can have a slightly higher number next to your name. Instead, Darkfall is going for a skill-based system, where players can buy a basic skill like mining, or archery, and
start using it right away. The more a player uses Darkfall Online gold, the more proficient they will become at them. The same also holds true for spells. There’s going to be quite a few skills and spells in the final game, with 300 skills and 200 spells decided upon thus far, and 500 of each planned for the game in the long run.


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