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Moving to Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online seems to be getting good reviews and is definetly nothing like Warhammer Online which is good cause Im tired of that format.Atlantica Gold is a turned based tactical fighting RPG wher..


The latest video display Korean Titan musician mercenary

Atlantica online is a free play/project NDOORS shopping center based MMOG interaction. The game JRPG - the traditional internal styled based combat , and allowing the player to assembly group of eight..


Atlantica Online Becomes Free Game Portal

Atlantica Online is a 3D MMORPG is acclaimed for its innovative turn-based battle system and its integration with community features. Ever since its release last October 2008, it received a lot of rav..


Atlantica Online gameplay analysis have already been taken

Atlantica Online.Hope it can help you more or less.Leveling the field is essential to leveling the way throughout the week, time of 8 hours three times the experience can be used for leveling the fiel..


Training Center Guide for Atlantica

Atlantica, first of all you need to be a member of a Guild. The reason is that only guild members can start/join a Training Session. While to start you need to be in a Town, click on the Training Cent..


Atlantica Online: First impressions

Atlantica Online earlier this week in-between being sick and playing Warhammer: Online. For a game that is in beta, it seems to want to be treated as a game that has been already released, claiming in..


Atlantica Defense Enemy Tips

Atlantica defense enemy tips details. Hope you like it.Depending on where your keep is located you may have as few as one siege module on the outer walls or as many as three. Your goal for defense sho..


Gambling Device Means in Atlantica

2, a mechanism that, when operated for a consideration, does not return the same value or property for the same consideration upon each operation;3, a mechanism, furniture, fixture, construction, or i..


Tarpon and Snook details in Atlantica

Atlantica are as follows and you can get the cheapest AtlanticaTarpon has silvery scales, heavy body and elongated ray on its dorsal fin. Their average is approximately of 45.4kg to 161kg (100-355 pou..


Atlantica World Map Introduction

Atlantica Online Gold player, sometimes you may need Atlantica Online Gold, the price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Here we would like to provide you some us..


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