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Atlantica Online gameplay analysis have already been taken

Here is some information about the game Atlantica Online.Hope it can help you more or less.

Field leveling
Leveling the field is essential to leveling the way throughout the week, time of 8 hours three times the experience can be used for leveling the field team, it is recommended to receive three times the experience of 5 team in the field after leveling, the captain of the additional 30 % experience bonus.

Buffy the task
Have a full 5 man team to find the city of Chang’an (162,224) received Buffy the task of Zhong Kui, Buffy the task affected by the double time, double the recommended time after receiving the task to complete hunt. Ring is a task every 10 to complete the 10 ring, experience and reward items are very rich, is a shortcut to quickly upgrade and make money.

Demon enclosed field
Have a full 5 man team to Datang outside, seal the ancient monster Ust-possession, 30 outside the seal when the demon Tang, 40 can be sealed to the Ust-Tibetan demon.

Door division task
The door before the completion of 20 tasks teachers a wealth of experience and money available to reward highly Atlantica Gold recommend every day to complete.

Extension task
30, 35 in the Chang’an City (307,135) easy to obtain the corresponding element at the level of the elite section of side missions and tasks, 40 to proud to come after the country (70,105) easy to obtain the corresponding benefit at the regional level segment task. After completing a task quickly gain experience, credibility and pet experience, completion of the task can be Atlantica Gold expensive elite reward items.

Gang task
For help in looking after the gang get run business tasks Baihu Tang Explorer, Explorer, look for Hall to receive bounty basalt and basaltic task, to find Dragon Hall Dragon Explorer to receive the task to complete the task can gain experience and contribute to reward gang.

Treasure map task
30 looking after the city of Chang’an arena spy (293,96) get treasure map task, to complete a task can be a treasure map Atlantica Online Gold to the right to use the designated location of a treasure map can have a chance to gain bonus items. 10 times per day treasure map to complete the task.

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