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Training Center Guide for Atlantica

To start training in the Training Centre in Atlantica, first of all you need to be a member of a Guild. The reason is that only guild members can start/join a Training Session. While to start you need to be in a Town, click on the Training Center button on the Town Info Window and the Training Centre Window will apear. The cost to enter is based on your current level and the base amount the towns owner has set.

Also there is one thing you must note: all participating guild members must join the training centre right after the first person starts it as it is time based. If you have not cleared before the current period isthe monster of the training sessions will end, and any points you have collected points will be converted into the Society. Every time you clear the new training center will be more powerful monsters spawning, the timer will reset. The more you know the number of the higher association of training centers, the Society will receive points for your level.

- Carry HP and MP food, it will help you train faster with less down time. Atlantica Online Gold is cheap.
- Upgrade your skills to at least 40 before level 60 you will need it. Get to 60 by level 90 if possible.
- Upgrade mercenaries ASAP, they get a good boost to all their stats. Preferably first upgrade by main level 35 (Insect Nest) and second upgrade by main level 55 (Cretan Labyrinth).
- Party and fight together whenever you can.
- Use experience books on low level mercenaries rather than high level ones.
- First 3 quests give 1% towards next level at level 95+

Thanks for you reading, for more useful information you can pay more attention to us, as we will continue to provide you more and more guide, to help you gain more fun in this game.


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