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Moving to Atlantica Online

Having recently let my subscription to Warhammer Online expire, I am once again MMOless which is unacceptable. I’ve let some time pass and have taken a look around to see if anything catches my eye and something indeed has, Atlantica Online. Having played the more traditional MMORPGs as of late, Warhammer, LOTRO, Conan, I was looking for something different. I was actually interested in playing a MMOFPS, but didn’t really find anything that wasn’t either old or not really a MMO. Atlantica Online seems to be getting good reviews and is definetly nothing like Warhammer Online which is good cause I’m tired of that format.


I’m a huge fan of Finaly Fantasy Tactics and similar games and seeing how Atlantica Gold is a turned based tactical fighting RPG where you can control up to 18 units I figured I’d give it a go. I just signed up and am downloading the game as I type this so I’ve yet to actually play the game, but I’m excited. Anyone have any tips for me?

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