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Atlantica Defense Enemy Tips

Today I will introduce you Atlantica defense enemy tips details. Hope you like it. 

1. Perimeter Defense
Depending on where your keep is located you may have as few as one siege module on the outer walls or as many as three. Your goal for defense should be to disable your enemies siege engines at all cost Atlantica Online Gold.Even if your attacking group is wiped out.

If they bring down the siege engine then you have achieved a victory if even a small one. You should have small attack groups ready with this general mission in mind(Atlantica Gold). Every minute you hamper the enemy's ability to bring down a structure brings you that much closer to victory.

2. Use your ballista to knockback enemy attackers.
Another method of keep defense are the ballista engines which any of your guild about how to earn Atlantica Gold can acquire from the ballista builder located on the top of your keeps tower walls. A ballista will do no damage to the enemy but it does provide area of effect knockback to enemy units within it's blast range. These small engines can be set on the walls and operate much like siege engines in an attack. These work much like casting an area of effect spell.

You will be given a siege targeting module in your inventory to fire your ballista with. You have found it is often best to have Atlantica Online Gold and any lower level members or lower dps classes such as tanks who can't do a lot from the inside of your defenses to man these and use them to beat back attackers.

Rangers and mages are excellent assets to have during any defense. Rangers can use their long range bow skills to take out enemies from a long distance giving you a very useful method for disposing of pesky units as your rangers rain down death from above along the walls. Mages while not having the range of a good ranger can still drop Atlantica Online Gold spells on any cluster of enemies that get to close. Not to mention necromancers can drop their pets down on any nearby siege engines.

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