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Vindictus will be one of the major MMO’s

Vindictus (based on the Korean MMORPG Mabinogi Heroes) will be one of the major MMOs to appear at this years E3 June 15-17. To add some sex appeal to their booth, Nexon has hired former Sports Illustr..


Tell you about Spotlight On Vindictus

Vindictus. The game (originally known in Asia as Mabinogi Heroes) takes its lineage from Nexons Mabinogi, another free-to-play online RPG that has been up and running for some time. But Vindictus wont..


Vindictus White Tyrant Solo Guide

Vindictus, hoping to help the players.vindictus gold.cheap vindictus gold.The most common move he will do. The main idea of cheap vindictus gold spamming this move is to wear your stamina down. This a..


Comic-con 2010: Vindictus hands On

Vindictus is one of those games that the more you hear about it, the more you want to play it. When I met with Nexon at E3 last month, I got the chance to see exactly how lovely the gameplay is in Vin..


Adult-Only Rated Vindictus Official Site Live with System Requirement

Vindictus fans can now find a treasure trove of information, art and multimedia about the game with Nexon Americas launch of a Web site dedicated to the Vindictus at www.goldicq.com/vindictus_gold.htm..


Vindictus Game Zone Now Goes Live

Vindictus, infusing elements of juicy RPG and fast action, will enter the open beta test on October 13th. By then, more players will be able to experience this visually stunning action-based MMORPG. O..


Vindictus Awarded 'The Best Game Design' at KGC2010

Vandictus) was awarded the best game design ofKGC2010(Korea Games Conference) Award on Sept. 15th.Mabinogi Heroes has been awarded at the KGC Award under a theme of revolution. We will keep trying cre..


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