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Vindictus White Tyrant Solo Guide

Many players feel very difficult for the vindictus in White Tyrant Solo Guide, I have collected some information about the game Vindictus, hoping to help the players.

White Tyrant’s Challeng is pretty much the only entertaining/leveling allenging dungeon after you reach lvl 36. Each solo run will give you about 55K vindictus gold and is shorter than blood prince runs if you can master the white polar bear. If you thought white tyrant dungeon was hard ass you will love this one.

Moves to watch out

If you master white tyrant dungeon, this will be a little more easier to do. But the main moves you really need to watch out is his vindictus gold.


Depending on your character height this can be easy/hard to dodge. Small height characters can easily run under the boss while taller characters need to run back a bit and then run under him. Sakie has maximum height.

Sweep Around

If you keep enough distance this should be easy to dodge. This is mainly a challenge for meele players. He usually does the sweep then go for a smackdown if your hit cheap vindictus gold.

Sweep Kick

This is fairly easy to dodge since he does it usually if your far from him . When he executes this move , it is a good window to spam magic arrow or firebolt.

Right-hand Jump Attack
The most common move he will do. The main idea of cheap vindictus gold spamming this move is to wear your stamina down. This again is fairly easy to dodge once you get used to the attack pattern. This is also where most players attack the bear.

All players should make sure they are not close to the boss when he executes this move especially melee players. This move has a small aoe to buy vindictus gold. This is where staff evie has an advantage/ perfect window to spam attack, Staff users can spam magic arrow, firebotl (when he is done with the roar and he lands firbolt should explode) or blind arrow.


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