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Vindictus will be one of the major MMO’s

Nexon’s Vindictus (based on the Korean MMORPG Mabinogi Heroes) will be one of the major MMO’s to appear at this years E3 June 15-17. To add some sex appeal to their booth, Nexon has hired former Sports Illustrated model Michelle Lombardo. Try not to laugh however, as this beauty will be wearing the Red Wolf Hood which represents Vindictus’ Gnol Cheiftan. These hoods will be given away on the show floor to promote the game.

The main aspect that the free-to-play Vindictus is making news with is its combat system that boasts it will be the future of MMO combat using physics-based fighting. Added to this, Vindictus hopes to showcase some of its stellar character/combat animations with its newly announced hands-on demo appearing at E3.

Min Kim, Nexon America’s VP of marketing was quoted as saying, “Nexon’s first visit to E3 will definitely be a memorable one […] Vindictus, Dragon Nest and Dungeon Fighter Online will set the new standard for free-to-play games and should be a revelation to E3 attendees. We are excited to take our message of great free-to-play gaming to the E3 crowds as well as provide great loot, special guests and a few surprises that will make vindictus gold to our booth a great experience.”

Back in March, Vindictus showed at the Game Developers Conference and premiered a trailer for the game. The sweet graphics, Devil May Cry style action and cool enemies make Vindictus a highly anticipated MMO.

Nexon has been a little quiet about all the details Vindictus will offer, but did mention that looting will be a big part of the game (no duh). But instead of the standard, click to loot system of most MMO’s, Vindictus will be using a new mechanic that rips the loot out of the “evil cores” of your slain victims. Seeing that Vindictus is going for a more frantic pace than most MMO’s this system seems to make a lot of sense and will keep the action moving.

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