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Hello players, welcome to Goldceo! There are trade information in Silkroad Online, hope you like it.

Trade outposts on the map where the goods can be sold and bought. But they are somewhat unique themselves because they don't function the same way as regular Speciality Shops. First, the specialities dealer won't want to make business with you, so you'll have to convince him by doing a small quest. Go to a town and equip your merchant flag. Then go talk to him, a small "Start Conversing" option will show up, and hear his requests. The quests and trade outposts locations are as follows:

a. Black Robber Den Trade Outpost (Tarim Basin Region)
Quest - Deliver an item to the Storekeeper on Donwhang and kill 20 Hyeongcheons.
It is located inside the valley of the main Black Robber Strongold, go down the Southeast path, a small tent.

b. Bandit Den Trade Outpost (Tiger Mountain Region)
Quest - Deliver an item to some Gisaeng on Barrom Street of Jangan, then kill 20 White Tigers.
It is located inside the Bandit Den, a building a bit north of the main central building. Avaiable after level 20(Silk Road Gold ).

c. Evil Order Trade Outpost (Minor Asia Region)
The Silk Road Gold Online site mentions this outpost but I didn't locate the NPC, so I presume it is closed for now.

d. Niya Remains Trade Outpost (Taklamakan Region)
Quest - Deliver an item to Sanmok of Hotan and kill 20 Shakrams.
It is inside a destroyed house in the northern part of the Niya Remains circle.

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