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The System of Enchantment in SOF

Hope you like the following Seal Online guide which selected from the other website by me, but it’s not my work, Thepowerlevel just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.

In order to perform an enchant, visit the blacksmith NPC and select the Enchantment option. The Enchantment window and Inventory window will open. Drag and drop the Seal Online Cegel you wish to enchant, the appropriate gem, and a Charm of Luck if you wish, into the appropriate slot within the Enchantment window, then press Enchant. When you succeed, the enchanted item will appear in your inventory.

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An item can be enchanted up to 4 times, meaning up to 4 options. Enhanced item can not be enchanted. Armor can be enchanted up to 2 times, and accessories may not be enchanted. Enchantment can fail and the use of Seal Online Cegel increases the chances of successful enchantment.

When an enchantment fails, only the item is recovered while the gem and charm of luck is lost. Enchanting in Seal Online is transferring the option on the stones onto the either weapon or armors. For weapons, we use sapphires, and as for armors, we use emeralds. You can enchant an item so it would have up to 4 options and we call each successive options, lines.

Drag & drop the item into the item box in enchanting window. Drag or drop either Sapphire or Emerald into the enchanting stone box. Drag or drop the Seal Online Cegel into the charm box.

As for weapons, you should buy the best bow that Chan sells Seal Cegel ASAP. We think we got mine in the low 10’s, and it really really helped a ton. Seriously, get it as soon as you can. Also, once you are in your late 20’s, try to invest in some gems. We used +X% Skill Attack sapphires, and it seemed to work well.

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