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How to level up 1-30 In a day

Do you want to level up of Seal Online.Here is the guild about getting to 30 in a day is a easier than you thought.

1-10: Do the Level 10 in 10 Minutes Quest Which will take 4-5mins you will need 1k to get to place to place faster if not you walk but it is easy.

10-19:Go 1 down from fighter town, 2 up from knight town, and kill the large radishes.

They are good exp, AND there is NO downtime, they drop 250 heals rapidly, by the time you reach 19 i had leveled fast, with meals and a rather long dinner at a friends.

by the end i had never slept, and i had 120 healing items, and this will help you later for the next few levels with Seal Online Cegel.

20-25:Go Kill sheep which are north of Lime which give decent exp also if your in the map north of Lime theres a good spot for AoE Knights to AoE at the top and also AoE the girl monsters lvl 23 and you have a good chance to get Little Angel Wings.

25-30: The dungeon in the map where sheep are were the pumpkin lies and the spiders if your a AoE knight you can come here at lvl 22 and get lvl 30 to then then all you do is going to a small room close to the dungeons entrance and AoE if not you can combo them and use your skills this way you lvl fast and they drop a pretty good quest item. Mages can come here at lvl 23 Because by then your damage should be decent and you can also AoE just don't get hit as often.

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