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Seal Online skill point farming guide

This is a Seal Online skill point farming guide. I will explain the basics and how to do it but i wont have the exact numbers. The point of skill point farming is to save up enough skill points so that you can max all of your masteries and let you level faster.

The way the Seal Online Cegel system works is you have two types of exp, normal exp and skill exp. Your skill masteries relate directly to your characters actual level. If your highest mastery is equivalent to actual level you will gain no skill point experience and all you exp will go to leveling exp.

So to get the best of both worlds you have to SP farm, witch in essence means that your mastery level is 7-9 levels below your actual level. The best place to do Skill point farming is the bandit stronghold, it is best to start this at level 16 when you can kill the bandits and archers.

Ok so here is the tedious part killing these bandits with your mastery levels thisSeal Online Cegel low. Do this till your level 20 then go to downwang and bind yourself their, walk outside the city and die till you get back to level 16 and start all over again.

Yeah it is boring and takes forever but when you get about 20k Skill points you can stop and max your masteries and level extremely fast because all of your exp will be going towards leveling. Iknow its kind of hard to understand but skill point farming in general is complicated, send me PM if you need more help of have questions.

Those are the category’s of "Seal Online Cegel " items, and by now after just reading that your thinking now where can I get my hands on one of those items or a full set? Well this may be bad news or awesome news, Seal Online Cegel is not like other MMO’s, where the awesome gear only comes from named mobs or super tough creature’s. In Seal Online Cegel a”Seal” item can drop from ANY monster.

It goes without saying that they are extremely rare,so are that in 60 levels I have never had a single one drop for me, where as I have friendsthat seem to get one every level. So now your probably wondering well I know how to get themand why their so special but what types of things are they?


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