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Seal Online Overview

Seal Online is 2D Side Scrolling MMORPG with the potential of dethroning Nexon’s MapleStory as the leader in the genre. Even though Seal Online is basically a ‘MapleStory’ clone, it’s a darn good one, as it offers a lot of interesting features that Nexon’s game just doesn’t have, most notably crafting and PvP. I can also safely say that the graphics in Seal Online are much crisper and more visually appealing than any other side scrolling game. The only thing Seal Online is really lacking right now is overall content, as the game only has four base classes and a lot smaller game world than its Seal Online Cegel competitors. Even if Seal Online doesn’t dethrone MapleStory, it should easily be able to compete with other side scrollers like LaTale and Wind Slayer. The game’s four starting classes are:

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Swordsman - Swordsman are the primary melee ‘tank’ class in the game. They have the most hit points and defensive capabilities. They also have powerful melee attacks.

Thief -Like in MapleStory, thieves in Seal Online are capable of dealing a great deal of damage in a short period of time but have few hitpoints. They can specialize in melee daggers and claws or throw shurukens.

Mage - Mages are the primary spellcasting class in the game. They can specialize into more offensive oriented Wizards or supportive Priests after their first job advancement.

Scout – The ‘Scout’ in Seal Online is cheap Seal Online Cegel capable of dealing a respectable amount of damage from a distance with either a bow or a gun. They’re basically archers.


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