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Telling of My Story in Ragnarok

The Ragnarok Online game is fresh at first for me, but ultimately uninspiring the 567th time. And that is one of the main problems with RO. When you get up there, in the 20s and 30s in Job level, things start to slow down. Where you were once getting 5-10% on your Job XP bar for one kill, you start to now get 0.1%   and lower, making your playtime a constant click fest. Little to nothing has been done about this, with only temporary bans being handed out to repeat offenders. This is a kick in the face to honest players, who sit there hours on end, working for their levels.

If you want plot, or even a back story in your MMORPGs, stay even further away from RO. Aside from a little back story about a war between humans and monsters, there is no story at all to speak of. This makes Role Playing in this game nigh on impossible. All a player can do is level, look for rare loot, level, sell items to exchange some a little RO Zeny and explore many maps, and do a quest, of which there are about 10 or 15, and all of which extremely short.

The point I am trying to make is that RO is not really worth 13$ US funds a month. Do not get me wrong, the whole game is not negative, but there are few positive aspects anymore. Since going gold of Ragnarok Zeny, not really much has changed from beta. There was one patch which added pets recently, being able to catch monsters and use them as your personal pet with cheap zeny, but nothing else has changed. NPC text still has many grammatical errors and English syndrome, bugs reported many times by testers still occur, features and new jobs players were promised a year ago never have shown up, and rollbacks plague a game which supposedly is released.

Having played the beta, I can honestly say the game plays the same now as it did at the beginning of the summer. Like so many others of its kind, Ragnarok Online suffers from an extreme degree of repetition. Granted, when you first play it, it is fun. But over the weeks and even months, it is easy to realize that RO is not really worth the time or RO Zeny . Like so many other games before it, Ragnarok Online just fails to get the formula right.

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