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Raganrok is My Favorite Online Game

Combat in Ragnarok Online is about like you might expect again, it is very diablo esque. Roaming around the plains outside town, you will notice scores of other players attacking non-player monsters, and the easiest thing to do is find a relatively uncrowded area of the field and simply make like the natives. The most basic monster is the poring, which closely resembles Dragon Quest famous slime. Set about killing porings, and you will eventually gain the experience and more valuable RO Zeny necessary to raise your levels.

Once you have turned your character into a powerhouse, what do you do with him or her. Midgard has a variety of nefarious locations to visit, such as the sewer of the capital city Prontera and the dungeons located throughout the fields and ro zeny between towns. You can form a party with other players and adventure together to fight powerful monsters and obtain rare items. As in any MMORPG, the ultimate objective is simply to make your character presence felt by some cheap zeny in the world, and you do that by continuing to improve him or her and interacting with other players.

What is in the future for Ragnarok Online. Since the game is still in the beta stage, quite a bit. Gravity is planning to add new character classes as the game progresses; so far, knight, assassin, and berserker have been mentioned. These new classes will only be available ragnarok zeny to players who reach a very high job level. In addition, new quests with focused objectives will be added for players to undertake, although the specifics have not been unveiled just yet. Finally, Gravity tells us it plans to enhance the RO Zeny, social, political, and economic aspects of the game, but we will have to wait a bit to see exactly how these new features will be fleshed out.
Ragnarok Online is free right now, but what about when the game goes final. Two possible models under consideration in the Korean market, for example, include a monthly flat rate or a by-the-hour billing system. Since the flat rate is standard in the MMORPG market in America, it is a safe bet that Ragnarok Online will use it over here. Gravity plans to reveal lots of new information about Ragnarok Online at E3 in May, so keep an eye on GameSpot for full coverage of this promising new online RPG.


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