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Global Agenda: Large Expansion Due in the Fall

Publishers Hi-Rez Studios announced yesterday their plans to launch the single largest update for their free-to-play shooter, Global Agenda. The update is due to arrive sometime in early Fall and will bring a lot of new content. 

Global Agenda As part of the huge update coming to Global Agenda, there is going to be a brand-new area called the Open Zone. This n4ew area will give players level 20 and higher the chance to level up instead of following the instanced quests, or in addition to them.

The entire Version 1.5 Update for the free-to-play shooter Global Agenda(Global Agenda Credits) is focused around the Recursive Colony. This is an electronic, hive-minded faction of robots who build more robots and begin to intrude on the player base of Dome City.

Other notable additions included in the Global Agenda major expansion include such things as new pets, nice new blueprints, simplified crafting, a new PvP map, reworked introduction missions, zone-affecting quests, improved vendor item previewing and much, much more.

As more information on the upcoming expansion for Global Agenda gets released such as a date or more details, we will make sure to post it here, so keep checking back!

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